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About the Firm

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Our Thousand Oaks accounting firm is here to help clients make better financial choices.  We offer personalized service that promotes financial literacy and ensures improved tax and accounting compliance. We encourage clients to call and get to know us or reach out whenever they have a question or concern.

Helping Clients Understand their Finances

As a certified public accountant and lecturer, David (our firm founder) is available to answer questions and explain complex financial information in a way that allows clients to make better financial decisions. It’s part of our mission to help you plan for the future. When you know more about your financial situation, you can make proactive, rather than reactive, choices. We understand that when it comes to your finances, knowledge is powerful and essential. We want you to have and build on that valuable information for your own benefit.

David also participates in creating accounting ethics testing questions for the state of California and, as such, is the author, technical reviewer, and question writer for the Professional Ethics course that all applicants for a CPA license in the state must pass. You can trust our knowledge of the accounting industry and accounting ethics to provide the help that you or your small business needs.

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Specializing in Small Business Compliance

David Reinus, our Thousand Oaks CPA has developed a specialty in helping small business owners get caught up with essential accounting and tax duties. We ensure that your company is compliant by creating a successful tax strategy and reviewing your current accounting plan. It’s not hard for a business owner to neglect financial compliance in favor of growing their business, which is where we can help intervene and ensure that your finances and taxes are properly organized

Fixed Fee Services

Our services are built around the idea of surprise-free fees. Clients aren’t nickel-and-dimed for every time they call and have questions they need answered. When you enlist our services, you are paying to have our accounting and tax expertise on retainer –we are at your service when you need us.  With unlimited consultations, you can pick up the phone whenever a concern arises. You shouldn’t have to second-guess calling your accountant when you need help.

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