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Business Planning

Strategic Business Planning in Westlake Village, CA

Having a proper plan in place often leads to a successful venture.  David Reinus, along with his team of accounting professionals, have years of experience working with business owners to develop a plan that defines their long-term goals and the resources needed to achieve them. At David Reinus CPA, Inc., we provide business planning services that enable Westlake Village entrepreneurs to be proactive when promoting the future of their organization.

When Should You Consider Business Planning?

A business plan is most commonly used as a way to secure financing for a new business from potential partners, financial institutions, and other interested parties. In fact, having a detailed financial plan is a requirement for many banks and private investors. However, the merits of having an overview of your business go beyond attaining initial funding. By documenting your organization’s goals, structure, products, and financial projections, you can more easily identify opportunities for growth and focus your service and management efforts to capitalize on them.

Whether starting a new business or looking to expand and improve an existing one, our firm will assist you in drafting and implementing a plan specific to your organization and industry. At your consultation, David will sit down with you to discuss the characteristics of your business and what you envision as your ideal financial situation. These details become the framework of the business plan, outlining the overarching goals for your organization.

Our Westlake Village CPA will then recommend services to assess what resources you have available and the necessary steps to take in order to realize your goals.

Evaluating Your Finances

Our strategic business planning services include a comprehensive review of your company’s finances, supporting the objectives you’ve set with relevant information. The information our Westlake Village professionals uncover allows us to provide you with an accurate depiction of your business’ financial health. Additionally, we can produce projections from these findings and offer recommendations to effectively prepare for or avoid future complications, such as shortfalls in revenue or an exceptional expense. In developing a financial plan for you, our evaluations help identify the following:

  • Startup costs
  • Operating costs
  • Potential and actual sources of revenue
  • Projected profits

We can also perform a break-even analysis for a period you determine, further improving your ability to predict risks and guide your organization toward success.

When working with our firm, you are always welcome to reach out to us with questions pertaining to your business. Should you need more than help creating a plan, David Reinus CPA, Inc. offers a comprehensive package of accounting solutions for business owners that includes unlimited consultations. We provide these, along with fixed monthly rates, to ensure you have access to our expertise without worrying about receiving a costly bill.

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David Reinus offers his professional insight and reliable financial strategies to help you establish a plan for the lasting success of your business.  To learn more about our strategic business planning services, schedule a consultation with our Westlake Village firm today!